Exosome Capture And Qualification Assay Kit

qualification assay kit

Exo-TEST: ready to use ELISA quantification kits


ExoTEST is a patented double sandwich ELISA assay for quantitative and qualitative analysis of exosomes. In particular ExoTEST is a successful platform for exosomes quantification and characterization from small amount of human biological fluids or cell media and it may be exploited to identify exosomes released by cancer cells in the plasma and urine of tumor patients in various disease conditions.


ExoTEST consists of ELISA plates pre-coated with patented panexosome antibodies that allow specific capture of exosomes from a variety of biological samples, including cell culture supernatants and human biological fluids. Quantification and characterization of exosomal proteins is then performed using appropriate detection antibodies against exosome-associated antigens, which can be either generic or cell / tissue specific exosomes. Lyophilized exosome standards characterized by protein content and particle number (NTA) allow the quantification of an unknown sample by a standard calibration curve.

Applications: Capture and quantification of exosomes from human biofluids and culture media. Exosome complex profiling. Preclinical research on non-invasive biomarkers for the detection and monitoring of a number of pathological conditions (inflammation, cancer, neurodegeneration, etc.).

Advantages: Ready to use, no initial purification of exosomes is required. User-friendly and suitable for the analysis of multiple markers. Available in TEST format (limited to 3 ELISA strips, 24 wells).


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qualification assay kit
qualification assay kit


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