A DNA repair-independent role for alkyladenine DNA glycosylase in alkylation-induced unfolded protein response

Alkylating brokers harm DNA and proteins and are extensively utilized in most cancers chemotherapy. Whereas mobile responses to alkylation-induced DNA harm have been explored, information of how alkylation impacts world mobile stress responses is sparse. Right here, we examined the results of the alkylating agent methylmethane sulfonate (MMS) on gene expression in mouse liver, utilizing…

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A stepwise docking molecular dynamics approach for simulating antibody recognition with substantial conformational changes

Conformational modifications or rearrangements are frequent occasions throughout inter-biomolecular recognition. Monitoring these modifications are important for exploring the allosteric mechanism and it’s often achieved by molecular dynamics simulation in silico. We beforehand recognized a broad-neutralizing antibody towards H5 influenza virus, 13D4, and solved the crystal constructions of the free 13D4 Fab and its advanced with hemagglutinin…

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Fungi growing on aromatic hydrocarbons: biotechnology's unexpected encounter with biohazard?

Fungi growing on aromatic hydrocarbons: biotechnology’s unexpected encounter with biohazard?

The biodegradation of fragrant hydrocarbons by fungi has historically been thought of to be of a cometabolic nature. Not too long ago, nonetheless, an rising variety of fungi remoted from air biofilters uncovered to hydrocarbon-polluted gasoline streams have been proven to assimilate risky fragrant hydrocarbons as the only supply of carbon and power. The biosystematics,…

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