Widely used application for detecting and quantifying proteins

ELISA Kits from Biomatik

The ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a broadly used utility for detecting and quantifying proteins and antigens from numerous samples. Goal-specific ELISA kits can be found from quite a lot of producers and may also help streamline your immunodetection experiments.

Biomatik Company Human Neopterin ELISA Equipment, 96 assessments

Producer:  Biomatik Company EKF57660

The Human Neopterin ELISA Equipment permits for quantitative dedication of Neopterin in Serum, plasma, tissue homogenates and different organic fluids. Species Reactivity: Human. Detection Vary: 0.156-10 ng/mL. Sensitivity: 0.094 ng/mL. Format: 96-Effectively Plate. Assay Kind: ELISA, Aggressive ELISA, Coated with Antigen. Restriction: For Analysis Use Solely.


Give attention to Creating and Manufacturing ELISA Assay Kits Set for Your Educational Analysis

Elabscience provides hundreds of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for researchers, The species embody human, mouse, rat, rabbit, monkey, porcine, and so on. As knowledgeable ELISA kits producer and provider, our ELISA check kits have been strictly quality-controlled to make sure the accuracy of outcomes. Elabscience is dedicated to offering top quality ELISA kits with a really economical value. We all the time take the “buyer oriented”, present the perfect {and professional} providers to prospects. You may contact our distributors all around the globe for buy, or you may also purchase our ELISA kits on-line instantly.

  • QuicKey ELISA®

QuicKey ELISA® package developed by Elabscience is an enchancment of the normal sandwich ELISA package. It simplifies the operation course of, saves a minimum of 1h and requires much less pattern quantity for assays, enormously improves the detection effciency.

  • Sandwich ELISA

Sandwich ELISA (or sandwich immunoassay) is probably the most generally used elisa methodology. This format requires two antibodies/antigens particular for various epitopes of the antigen/antibodies. These two antibodies/antigens are usually known as matched antibody/antigen pairs. One of many antibodies/antigen is coated on the floor of the micro plate and used because the seize antibody/antigen to immobilize the examined analyte. The opposite antibody/antigen is conjugated with biotin or different markers to facilitate the detection of the analyte.

  • Aggressive ELISA

Typically, Aggressive ELISA (or aggressive immunoassay) is utilized for small molecular detection. The pattern antigen competes with the pre-coated antigen for binding to a certain amount of labeled antibody. This assay solely requires a single antibody conjugated to biotin generally to facilitate the detection of the analyte.


ELISA KITS from Biomatik

New to Biomatik? View a particular publication citing our ELISA kits: Nature Communications, 10(1): 3667. (2019). PMID: 31413255

Biomatik provides an in depth checklist of over 38,000 top quality ELISA Kits. We’ve been proudly serving the life sciences and drug discovery group since 2002. You may depend on the standard merchandise and assist from Biomatik to your analysis wants. Most ELISA kits might be shipped inside 3-11 enterprise days with door-to-door supply worldwide. On common, packages are delivered in a single day inside the US and Canada, and 3-Four enterprise days to achieve European and most different nations.

Highlights of ELISA Kits from Biomatik

1. Excessive sensitivity and low detection vary: Our lowest detection ranges are within the picogram vary (1-100pg/mL, 3-200pg/mL).
2. A variety of pattern varieties: Serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell lysates, cell tradition supernatants, and different organic fluids.
3. Enhanced specs: A few of our kits function a shortened experimental time, pre-diluted detection reagents, and enhanced stability.
4. Buyer assist: Thorough technical assist – we stand behind our merchandise and help our prospects promptly each time the necessity arises.

Standard ELISA QuicKey ELISA® What it means for you?
Assay time 3.5h 2.5h Save 1h
Pattern quantity 100μL 50μL Save samples
Assay procedures Incubate pattern and detection Ab individually Incubate pattern and detection Ab concurrently Easier operations
Storage Parts have to be individually saved at -20℃ or 4℃ Complete package might be stored at 4℃ Extra handy storage
HRP conjugate The working resolution is colorless The working resolution is crimson Much less dangers of errors


Anti- IP-10 Mouse Antibody

GWB-4B92D7 0.05 mg Ask for price

Anti-Mouse C-10 Antibody

103-P01 100 µg
EUR 245.7
Description: Murine C10 belongs to the CC chemokine family and is expressed in myelopoietic bone marrow cultures when stimulated with GM-CSF, M-CSF, IL-3 or IL-4. It signals primarily through the CCR1 receptor. C10 is chemotactic for B cells, CD4+ T cells, monocytes and NK cells and also exhibits powerful suppressive activity on colony formation by different lineages of hematopoietic progenitors. The C10 contains the four highly conserved cysteine residues present in CC chemokines. The mature protein contains 95 amino acid residues. Recomb

Mouse Anti-Human IL-10 monoclonal antibody, clone C-T21

CABT-ZB350 200 µg
EUR 810
Description: Mouse

Mouse Anti-Human IL-10 monoclonal antibody, clone C-U21

CABT-ZB352 200 µg
EUR 810
Description: Mouse

Mouse Anti-Human IP-10 monoclonal antibody, clone C-D61

CABT-ZB403 200 µg
EUR 810
Description: Mouse

Mouse Anti-Human IP-10 monoclonal antibody, clone C-D66

CABT-ZB407 200 µg
EUR 810
Description: Mouse

Anti- Interleukin-10 (IL-10) Mouse Antibody

GWB-316B7D 0.05 mg Ask for price

Mouse C-10 Antibody (Biotin)

GWB-89716C 0.05 mg Ask for price

Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 10 Antibody

DL99687A-100ul 100 ul
EUR 299
Description: KPP; Keratin type I cytoskeletal 10; Cytokeratin-10; CK-10; Keratin-10; K10

Mouse anti-Cytokeratin 10 Antibody

DL99687A-50ul 50 ul
EUR 210
Description: KPP; Keratin type I cytoskeletal 10; Cytokeratin-10; CK-10; Keratin-10; K10

Anti-Synaptotagmin-10 (mouse) antibody

STJ72833 100 µg
EUR 430.8

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