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  • The BioHazards project launches with a video game that allows players to prevent cancer! A project led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University launched today, which allows students and science enthusiasts to prevent and cure diseases in a virtual, gaming environment. The so-called BioHazards project is focused on the development of animations and sophisticated video games that give users an intuition and understanding of protein evolution, framed in the exciting context of curing and preventing diseases. While the project is specifically tailored to meet the needs of students and teachers, it is hoped the simple and engaging format of the games and animations will also attract science enthusiasts and anyone wishing to gain basic knowledge of common themes in biology and human health. The project launches with module on cancer prevention. In this module, the player takes control of a cells cancer-prevention machinery, and uses these molecules to prevent cancer inside a human cell!

..Find yourself floating in a virtual DNA world racing against time to discover and repair deadly mutations....
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